Best Digital Pianos Under $1,000

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A digital piano is the best way to perfect your craft and become an even better musician. While everyone would love a grand piano in their living room, that’s simply not possible — and awfully expensive too.

However, a digital piano can move practically anywhere with you and can sit comfortably and easily in any corner of the house, ready to be used for hours on end.

And modern digital pianos sound and look great and work just as well as regular pianos. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get one. That’s why it is recommended that you purchase a digital piano and focus on buying one that is sold for less than $1,000.

Keep your pocketbook healthy and your musical skills primed with one of these terrific digital pianos.

Best Digital Pianos Under $1,000

1. Yamaha P115

Yamaha P115 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano Bundle with Knox Double X Stand, Knox Large Bench and Sustain Pedal

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The Yamaha P115 is a comprehensive, 88-key digital piano with balanced, weighted, comfortable keys and a clear, crisp sound that makes it a pleasure to play. When you push a key on this digital piano, a graded hammer standard inside the piano impacts the strings, making the piano play. This digital version of a piano imitates that experience, so the harder you push the keys, the louder it will sound. It’s just like the real thing!

This piano offers a few excellent features, including an app for changing and saving your preferences. It offers 14 distinct instrument tones, and you can receive piano accompaniment by hitting a chord and allowing the piano to take care of the rest.

The sound is taken from an official, top-of-the-line concert grand piano so you know that it sounds fantastic.


  • Duo mode allows side-by-side practicing with a partner
  • Comes with a keyboard stand and bench
  • Digital piano controller app


  • Can be controlled with an app
  • Comes in both black and white
  • Sounds just like a grand piano because it samples the sound from one


  • A bit heavy at nearly four pounds

2. Yamaha P45

Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly weighted digital piano that still performs very well, just like an actual grand piano, the Yamaha P45 is a viable option for you that won’t break the bank.

This specific digital piano is ideal for folks who don’t require a lot of extra buttons and features. It’s slender and elegant, making it a fantastic choice for those who live in tiny apartments and don’t want a keyboard that occupies a lot of area.

It’s slender and elegant, making it a fantastic choice for those who live in tiny apartments and don’t want a keyboard that occupies a lot of area.

The piano includes weighted keys, so it feels like you’re playing a real piano. When you strike the low and high notes, they react differently, exactly like an acoustic piano.

There are a few alternative instrument tones to tinker with if you wish to vary the tone, such as organs and strings and more.


  • Comes with ten different “voices” including sampled tones for a lot of variety.
  • Dual-mode allows you to combine two voices together, such as strings with pianos.
  • Comes with a music rest and sustain pedal.


  • Features a 64-note polyphony
  • Very compact and easy to move
  • Graded Hammer Standard weighted action work just like hammers in a real piano.


  • Rather plain looking in its design

3. Alesis Recital

Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano / Keyboard with Full Size Semi Weighted Keys, Power Supply, Built In Speakers and 5 Premium Voices (Amazon Exclusive)

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Numerous adult musical novices wish they had the time and budget to invest in piano lessons, but they are aware that they won’t be able to completely commit to that task. If that sounds like you, then this Alesis Recitial digital piano may be a perfect option. Not only will it help you perfect your craft, but it also comes with a 3-month premium membership to online interactive piano lessons. It is a great way to get started with the instrument.

This is a full-sized beginning piano with a touch-sensitive response that allows you to alter how light or dense the piano keys seem. An additional advantage of this piano is that it can be split into two identical halves in lesson mode, which of course, makes it easier for an instructor to show off and teach. You may even layer other instrument tones, such as string and piano sounds, if you wish to perform with both at the same time.

If you wish to record your music, this novice digital piano attaches effortlessly to a computer through USB MIDI.


  • Includes 5 voices such as Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass.
  • Powered by 6 D cell batteries which means you can take it on the go.
  • Educational features such as standard, split, layer, and lesson modes.


  • Comes with interactive piano lessons that include 60 free virtual lessons.
  • USB port MIDI
  • Strong sound quality with minimal, easy-to-store design.


  • Does not include built-in display

4. Yamaha P71

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano With Sustain Pedal And Power Supply (Amazon-Exclusive)

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The Yamaha P71 is a great digital piano that happens to only be available on Amazon. It’s rich in sound and full-sized and comes with ten distinct voices to experiment with, as well as the ability to mix two distinct voices at the same time.

The digital piano with weighted action is incredibly light and takes up very little room. It’s a fantastic addition to any flat, regardless of size! It may be connected to a computer through USB, which is useful if you want to compose or record music.

It’s difficult to come up with any reasons not to purchase this digital piano. It performs as precisely as it says it will. Plus it’s inexpensive and light, which means that it’s simple and painless to transport. It really does come with all of the features that a digital piano should have.


  • Comes with 10 different voices, such as digitally sampled tones from a real Yamaha grand piano
  • Dual-mode lets you mix two voices together, so it acts as multiple instruments in one
  • Slim design that is less than 12 inches deep


  • Very slim and can be carried anywhere
  • Built with weighted keys
  • Can be connected to a computer via USB


  • Can only be purchased via Amazon so you are beholden to their price

5. RockJam 61-Key

RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano With LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano Bench, Headphones, Simply Piano App & Keynote Stickers

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RockJam could be the answer if you’re searching for an instrument for your children that’s not too serious of an instrument and more like an enhanced educational toy. It’s definitely created with kids in mind, containing only 61 simple keys. This isn’t the instrument for budding virtuosos. No, it’s something you’d purchase for your kids to inspire them to have fun and toy and experiment with music.

It includes 100 distinct rhythms and instrumental noises, and any child would enjoy experimenting with the various settings. They also provide 30 free songs in an easy-to-use app, which is a fantastic resource for teaching youngsters to play the piano in a fun and engaging way.

A stand, headphones, and a stool are all included.

This is a fantastic approach for children to develop an interest in music while also learning to play a few simple tunes.


  • Easy for children to understand and use
  • Comes with a keyboard stand
  • Features a built-in LED display


  • Features only 61 keys, making it perfect for children
  • Includes an app that will help children learn
  • Comes with 100 instrument sounds and rhythms

6. Yamaha Arius, YDP-103

Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Piano with Bench, Black Walnut

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The Yamaha Arius is one of the best starter pianos for someone who is looking to learn the ins and outs of playing this beautiful instrument. It resembles an authentic, cabinet-style piano but it’s much lighter and easier to move around, while still sounding like the real thing.

While its price point is on the high end, but still under $1,000, the Yamaha Arius comes in a wonderful matte black finish. It is made with weighted keys and sound that is taken directly from a real Yamaha grand piano.


  • Includes a bench and three pedals
  • GHS weighted action
  • Allows for 10 different voices


  • Comes with a controller app for iOS
  • USB port allows it to be connected with other devices
  • Wave memory stereo sampling makes the digital piano sound like the real thing


  • No recording or playback capabilities
  • No built-in metronome

Which Digital Piano Is Closest To A Real Piano?

Yamaha Piano

While many digital pianos sound just like the real thing, the Yamaha P45 is the most affordable digital alternative that sounds just a lot like an authentic, real piano. Not only does it sample a real Yamaha grand piano, but it also has powerful built-in speakers that make it reverberate and echo well. Additionally, the keys are weighted and feel like an actual piano too.

Is Roland Or Yamaha Better?

Yamaha is typically a better option for people searching for a digital piano that plays well and sounds like the real thing. Yamaha builds its digital piano with the sound of an authentic, real grand piano. Additionally, they serve many different options and builds. Roland, on the other hand, is usually ideal for someone searching for an upright build for their digital piano, something that Yamaha doesn’t offer.

How Long Do Digital Pianos Last?

The answer to this depends on the brand and build that you purchase but generally, most digital pianos tend to last at least 20 years. If it is kept in good condition, a digital piano should keep working for about 50 years. However, if the build has weaker keys, this might not be possible.

Where Should I Place My Digital Piano?

The great thing about buying a digital piano is that you can place it just about anywhere in your home. However, you will want to make sure that you keep it away from direct sunlight or any sort of moisture or water. Additionally, it is best to keep the digital piano away from a section of your home that gets a lot of foot traffic because that could lead to accidents and a broken digital piano.

What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

1. Sound

When you are purchasing a digital piano, it is very important that you find one that sounds just like the real thing. Many people use a digital piano as a training tool and a way to get better at using a real, authentic piano. That means that you want a digital piano that resembles the audio of a true piano.

Thankfully, there are many digital pianos that incorporate the sound of an authentic piano. Yamaha, for example, bases the sound of their digital pianos on the sound of their grand pianos.

2. Price

A digital piano will probably be a big investment but it’s money well spent. A digital piano will help you perfect your craft, become better at playing the piano, and will work and sound just like the real thing. However, you don’t need to break the bank when buying a digital piano. You surely shouldn’t spend more than $1,000 on a new digital piano, especially if you’re a novice player. At the same time, you shouldn’t spend too little on a digital piano either.

Typically, most people spend at least several hundred dollars on their digital piano.

3. Extra Features

Some digital pianos offer a lot of bells and whistles that make the experience of playing them so much better. For example, some digital pianos are able to be split in two, others come with a dual-mode that allows multiple performers at once. Others include companion apps for smartphones that have lessons for trainees. All in all, many digital pianos offer more than just a set of keys, and you should look for one that brings more to the table. Don’t settle on a simple digital piano that doesn’t provide something extra.


A digital piano is a terrific tool for someone who is looking to learn how to play or someone looking to get even better at their craft. The best part about a digital piano is that a good one won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You just need to know where to look and what to look for when you are buying your digital piano.

With the list we have included, you are bound to find a digital piano that will fit your home — and your skills — perfectly. It’s time for you to make some beautiful music.

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