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The Best Upright Piano Brands Ranked For Beginners & Professionals

A baby grand is the most expensive type of piano, but it’s also called a vertical piano. A spinet or console is like a small grand piano, and you usually see that as an accent piece in someone’s living room (you’ve seen those before). An upright is also more affordable than a baby grand, but this article is on the top 10 best uprights ever made.

There are many different types of pianos: grands, consoles/spinets, and uprights. This article will focus on the best upright pianos out there (which means we won’t be talking about any baby grands or consoles).

Upright pianos are generally less expensive than baby grands but not as affordable as spinets. Generally, the more you’re willing to spend on an upright piano means that it will be of a higher quality and have better sound than other uprights – but you don’t need to buy the most expensive one out there!

All these brands we list here today have their unique sounds and looks, so don’t worry – we’ll tell you which one is our favorite and why! We’ll also give some tips on choosing a piano and how to take care of it after buying it. Ready? Here we go.

First, let’s look at the best-rated piano brands out there!

The Best-Rated Piano Brands

1. Baldwin

  • High-quality, established piano manufacturer
  • Made in the US
  • High sound quality
  • Compact

Baldwin is historically known for building high-quality pianos, and they always provide excellent customer service. The pianos are made in America, perfect for people who like buying American-made products (but Baldwin also has some uprights made in China).

Their pianos not only look good but sound great too! They have an excellent bass on them; the lows are deep and rich. This brand has one of the best upright pianos out there. You can even get custom finishes, so you can pick your color or design to make it just right for you!

If you’re after something with a big sound that can rock out, then this piano is probably for you! Many musicians opt for these types because the quality is so high, and it’s affordable too.

You can find Baldwin pianos online, in music stores, or at your local dealer. One remarkable aspect of this brand is that you can buy quality used uprights from them direct!

A Baldwin piano has a more petite build than most other pianos out there, making it more compact, making it ideal for homes with limited space. It also looks pretty sleek because of its size!

The best thing about Baldwin pianos? The sound is surprisingly good! It packs an audible punch when you play on it. The bass tones are rich, and it has a friendly manner when playing the C chord. If you’re looking for affordability but with many sounds, then a Baldwin piano is for you!

2. Kawai

  • High-quality materials
  • Pricey
  • Hand-made in Japan
  • Rich, full sound

Kawais are known for their craftsmanship and quality, so if you want a piano that lasts through years of gigging or practice time, then this is one to choose. Many famous keyboardists play on these because they know the brand and know that it will last them a long time (Kawai’s motto says “Built like a tank”).

All hand-made in Japan, Kawais also have some gorgeous finishes: satin black, rosewood, dark brown mahogany. They look stunning, too; you don’t need to be a pro musician to make this piano look good. It’ll impress your guests!

One of the best things about these pianos is that they’re all handmade; this gives it the rich, full sound that you can’t get with other brands (even though most manufacturers today are using computer-based tools for their instruments).

Kawais are usually pretty pricey compared to other brands, but they last so much longer because of the high-quality wood materials used in making them. They also have an impressive warranty, which covers repairs and replacements until five years after you buy it!

3. Yamaha

  • One of the most well-known piano and keyboard brands
  • Responsive
  • Loads of features and functions

Many carpenters use Yamaha pianos, so it’s not that their upright pianos made our list of the best brands. They have been around for a long time now and are well-known for their high-quality instruments; this brand has a charming tone, especially if you want something that will play a lot of classical music.

The keys have a pretty responsive touch to them too, so it’s suitable for pianists who have been playing for a while! It’s also great as an all-around piano because it can do many things with ease – from rocking out to playing some Bach.

Yamaha has over 300 different finishes available on its spinet pianos alone! There are lovely ones too, like the nine-foot black Kawai piano, which has a beautiful satin finish. It’s pretty sleek and stylish, so it’ll be something that will get your guests talking!

Yamaha is another brand that makes all handmade pianos; this gives you the balance of durability and tonal quality. They’re one of the best companies out there when it comes to handcrafted instruments because they can last for years, even with heavy use. This makes them an excellent investment too!

4. Steinways

  • Many famous musicians love this brand
  • Stunning pieces
  • Expensive

There’s no denying that Steinways make some of the most beautiful upright pianos in the world – few instruments truly look as stunning as their legendary piano designs. Many consider them to be one of the best brands out there because they have been around for more than 160 years now (in fact, they’re the oldest piano company in the US!).

These pianos are pretty pricey (definitely more than any other upright brand), but they can last you for years because of their craftsmanship and the material used to make them. You don’t have to worry about buying one now, and then if you want an upgrade, you can keep this one until it wears out! There’s little doubt that Steinway pianos are some of the best ones on the market today.

A lot of famous musicians use Steinway pianos too! This includes Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Elton John. Even though these guys aren’t just using throngs of instruments for different songs, there’s no denying that it’s a pretty big factor when you’re choosing which device to buy.

These pianos do not come cheap, though; many of them are thousands of dollars more than other brands but can still cost just as much depending on your budget and how much the instruments cost. A nine-foot model would easily cost at least $25,000!

In any case, this brand is excellent for pianists who want to add a classic touch to their homes. The craftsmanship used in making it means that music fans from all over will appreciate this piano – whether they play it or not!

And Which Upright Piano Brands Are Most Affordable and Best for Beginners?

man playing upright piano

1. Samick

  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Range of models

You might have heard about Samick because of its involvement with Ibanez guitars (the company owns a subsidiary that produces them). However, their pianos are also pretty good. This is a more affordable brand compared to the rest on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t compete with them in terms of quality at all.

It’s one of the best entry-level brands available, making it perfect for people who want to start learning how to play the piano! Of course, even if you’ve been playing for years, Samick still has some great models for you to choose from.

A lot of pianists prefer its upright pianos over any other because they have susceptible keys and soundboards. It’s not just that they’re durable; these instruments can fill up your entire home with music! Plus, they have options that are truly one of a kind – you won’t find them anywhere else!

Samick pianos are also highly affordable, making it easy for you to invest in one without worrying too much about the price. Of course, you get more than what you pay for with this brand because its instruments have excellent quality, even though they’re budget-friendly.

This is why so many people choose Samick pianos over any other brands available today! However, this brand does not compromise when it comes to performance. Its pianos aren’t just stunning inside and out; they sound amazing too! You can be sure that every time you play with this piano, your family and friends will love listening to how wonderful it says!

These pianos are usually pretty expensive compared to other brands, but it’s worth it! You can tell that these instruments will last you a long time – and not just because of their superior build quality. If you want to be the proud owner of a Kawai upright, prepare yourself for an expensive purchase but one that’s so rewarding in the end because you know it was worth every cent.

2. Seiler

  • Affordable
  • Great for starting out
  • Great quality

So far, we’ve talked about some top-of-the-line brands, but they will also cost you a pretty penny. You might be wondering if there’s something that falls in the middle of cheap and expensive – well, this one is just that!

Seiler pianos have very nice designs, but they’re not just for show; their beautiful aesthetics also means that these instruments are constructed well. It looks good inside and out! However, it does not sacrifice quality when it comes to performance either. It can deliver sound even better than some grand pianos do, making it perfect whether you want to play or listen to music with your family or friends!

These pianos are more affordable than other brands, making them great for beginners who don’t want to pay too much money but still receive a fantastic product. Of course, these pianos will improve in quality and performance with time because of how well-made they are.

So if you’re on the lookout for a decent piano that won’t cost you a lot of money, Seiler is probably one of your best bets! Just make sure that you try out the instrument before buying it to know whether or not this brand is right for you.

3. Yamaha

  • Big range of beginner pianos and keyboards
  • Affordable options
  • Amazing sound quality and features

While Yamaha has a lot of prestige and expensive options, it has A LOT of different models. Yamaha pianos are perfect all-around instruments! They might not be as flashy as Kawai pianos are, but more than their stunning designs, it’s more about the quality of their products, such as pianos.

Yamaha is known for producing some of the highest-quality instruments in the world and it doesn’t shy away from its reputation when it comes to upright pianos! You can be confident that these instruments will last for a long time and they’ll still work like new even after years and years of use! The price of these pianos is reasonable; more importantly, they’re not too cheap nor too expensive.

For beginners and professionals alike, any of these instruments could meet your performance standards with flying colors! These are just some great choices for an upright piano under $1000 if you need something that looks good, sounds good, and will last you a long time.

You can be sure that each of these instruments is as reliable as the next, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert! Whenever you play on an upright piano from this company, you’ll enjoy yourself – no matter if it’s your first time playing the piano or not! These pianos are, without a doubt, some of the best ones in the market today.

4. Brodmann

  • Made well
  • Popular among amateurs and professionals
  • Nice design

Having a brand called “Brodmann” doesn’t usually inspire much confidence… But this one is trustworthy enough to make some grand pianos perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Brodmann is quite popular among amateurs because it produces some great products that many people love! If you visit your local piano store, you might see some of these pianos on display and ready to be played whenever someone wants to try them out. Some professional musicians even use Brodmann for recording instrumentals because it sounds that good too!

All of their products are made well, so they’re not just another cheap upright piano; but despite how sturdy, this is still more affordable than other brands because the materials used aren’t as high-grade. This isn’t a bad thing since the price still makes it accessible to beginners who don’t have enough money to buy a more expensive one!

These pianos also look terrific because a lot is going on with the design. Whether you have a modern or a traditional home, these pianos will work perfectly with any decor that you have!

So if you’re on the lookout for an upright piano under $1000, Brodmann is one of your best bets because it’s not only well-made but also reasonably priced! And even better yet – they sound good too!

5. Hupfeld

  • Elegant designs
  • Established company
  • Three different price levels

This German-made company is one of the best because it has been around since 1850 – over 170 years ago! Back then, Hupfeld decided to specialize in making pianos and orchestrions, which are self-playing mechanical instruments. Still, they were able to keep the business running by moving to Hamburg soon after. They also made some smart decisions along the way to continue to produce their high-quality pianos today!

Like Seiler, this one too is known for its elegant designs, which are both modernized and traditional. Whether you have a contemporary or classical home, this piano will fit right in without any problems at all!

Due to being around for 170 years, Hupfeld has perfected the craft of producing grand pianos that not only look good but sound even better! When choosing your upright piano, you may want to consider checking out Hupfeld if possible because many people say it’s well worth it, especially since there are now three different levels of prices to choose from!

Although these pianos are all good enough to compete with the best upright piano brands out there, Hupfeld’s high-end pianos stand out even more because of their excellent soundboard design. They also have features like critical scaling, which is perfect for people that play the piano exceptionally often!

Overall, this brand is definitely worth your time and effort when you’re looking into purchasing an upright piano!

What Piano Should I Play As a Beginner?

If you want to learn the proper piano from scratch, we would recommend an 88-key digital piano. This is easy to transport than a full piano but will have weighted keys that feel like a traditional piano. It will also have a full range of keys.

You could also begin on a 66-key keyboard as it is much more affordable and will give you a chance to get used to how the instrument works and feels before committing to a full piano.

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