OnlinePianist Piano Learning App Review

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to learn the piano straight from your mobile device, you may need to download and try the OnlinePianist Piano Learning App. 

It’s a fun animated program designed to help you master basic piano skills via hundreds of tutorials on how to play popular mainstream songs. In this OnlinePianist Piano Learning App review, we explore the app’s key features and how you can use it to improve your piano playing skills. 

The OnlinePianist app has been developed by a company known as OnlinePianist N. T Ltd, which is a team of music teachers and passionate piano players. Their tutorials have been used by thousands of piano players across the globe. They claim to have more than 20 million songs learned each month on the app, website, and YouTube channel. 

You can download the Android version from both Google Play Store and the iOS version from the Apple App Store under the education category, they also have a web version that you can use the app directly on your internet browser. In terms of compatibility, the app works perfectly with any Android device and iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices with iOS 10.0 or later. 

OnlinePianist is available in both English and German languages. Best of all you can download and start learning piano lessons free from the app but keep in mind that it has in-app purchases for upgrades that give you unlimited access to content with monthly, 3-month, or Premium subscription.

Getting Started

It’s quite easy to learn how to play your favorite songs on piano using the OnlinePianist app. The first step is to download and install the app on your Android/iOS device or you can also use their web version. 

You can then simply choose a song from the app’s massive collection of piano lessons and start learning how to play the song on your keyboard or piano. 

Song Categories

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the app is their massive catalog of piano tutorials. They even add five new songs and tutorials to the collection every week. 

The songs are well-organized in different categories to help you find your favorite choices easily. You’ll see different categories including All Songs, Hits, Oldies, Entertainment, Classical & New Age, Jazz & Blues, Kids, Holidays, Anime, and Accompaniment. 

In comparison to other online piano learning apps I have previously used, OnlinePianist seems to have the biggest collection of virtual piano tutorials. 

You only need to browse through the icons at the top of the screen or simply use more generic categories such as easy piano songs or popular piano songs to find a favorite song tutorial.

Beginner and Advanced Level Tutorials

The app is designed for both beginner and advanced piano players. All the song tutorials listed on the OnlinePianist app come with a beginner version to help you master basic skills before you progress to more advanced levels.

If you have a premium account, you get full unlimited access to the app’s collection of song tutorials which includes both public domain and contemporary songs. There are hundreds of songs to choose from with five tutorials added each week. You also have the option to either use the app’s virtual piano keyboard or simply follow along on your own keyboard or piano. 

The program is also quite easy to use. It allows you to adjust the tempo of each song you play, set a metronome to maintain pace, or practice each hand individually. The piano tutorials also come with printable music. You even have the option to loop a song if you want to focus attention on a specific part of the song. Another great thing about the app is that it allows you to create your own personalized collection of songs that you can continue practicing later on.

Key Features of OnlinePianist Piano Learning App

OnlinePianist gives you a number of useful features to help you master your piano skills. 

The program is fully integrated with Google+ and Facebook, which allows social interaction with other members on your social network. 

Other key features include:

  • A huge collection of thousands of song tutorials including popular and classical pieces
  • 13 player learning features for a more personalized experience
  • Your own personal songbook that you can save your favorite songs in for later practice
  • Ability to work with any keyboard or piano

Web Version

The program also comes with a host of player learning features including the following:

  • Speed adjustment
  • Individual hand practice
  • Both beginner and Pro tutorial versions in every song
  • Finger positioning
  • Keyboard letter notes
  • Metronome
  • Synthesia-like vertical and horizontal notes display
  • Easy to master chords progression
  • Sustain pedal stimulation
  • Key transposition and dynamic zoom
  • ABC or Do Re Mi letter notes
  • A-B repeat
  • A full 88-key keyboard

Pros and Cons


  • An easy to use app that helps you to refine your piano skills, whether you’re a beginner or advanced player
  • It comes with thousands of piano lessons on how to play both popular and classic songs from Bach to George Michael
  • It gives you a complete learning experience rather than shortened song versions found in other online piano learning programs
  • Comes with the most popularly used piano features such as an adjustable metronome tempo, fingering, and double or single-handed playing among others.
  • The personal songbook collection helps you collect and save your favorite songs for later practice
  • You can access the piano lessons from your Android or iOS device anywhere anytime.


  • You may need some basic piano skills to use the app as it doesn’t cover some of the essential music theory concepts.

Who is OnlinePianist Best For?

This program is best for anyone who wants to become a better piano player. 

It’s a great piano learning app if you want to learn the piano alone at your own pace or as a complimentary tutorial for your private lessons with a teacher. 

The program is also ideal for piano teachers who want to motivate and encourage their students to become better pianists. 

Overall, this is a perfect program if you want to learn the piano by focusing on popular songs. It’s great fun too.

Final Thoughts 

OnlinePianist Piano Learning App is a fun program if you want to casually learn and improve your piano skills. There is a free version but the premium version gives you full access to thousands of song tutorials in diverse categories. The program is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn piano at their own pace or as a complementary tool for your private or school lessons.   

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