Skoove Review – Best App to Learn Piano Online?

Skoove brands itself as the easiest way to learn to play the piano but does it live to the promise?

Skoove is a web-based piano learning method that teaches you music theory as well as how to play simple
melodies and popular songs right away.

In this review, we look at the key features of Skoove, how it works, lessons, and its pros and cons to help
you decide if Skoove is the right way to get started with piano online.

How Does Skoove Work?

Skoove has an international approach to teaching how to play piano. It comes in six different languages and an attractive interface with a step-by-step setup process to get you started.

You can even start with the free version to try the software first. After you select your input device, the software automatically starts the first lessons.

Skoove uses an AI algorithm to give you feedback in real time and analyze topics that could be giving you a hard time as you learn to play piano. The lessons teach you how to listen, learn, and play the piano.

It focuses on teaching you how to improve your listening and reading skills as well. Every note you play is highlighted on the sheet music and the on-screen keyboard.

A great thing about the Skoove method is that it teaches you how to associate what you hear with what you see and play, which helps in building your understanding even before you start learning about rhythms and notes. You can start playing a popular song quickly when you know how it’s supposed to sound like.

Skoove also teaches you how to play notes for each hand separately. It shows you how to play each hand using the correct rhythms before you start using both hands together. The course is taught in stages.

You can repeat one stage as many times as you wish before you get to the next one. Skoove provides an easy way of learning the piano online, especially for those who want to try playing popular songs quickly.

What Do You Require?

You aren’t required to download anything because Skoove works in your browser. Just log in to your account at the Skoove website and get access to your lessons by clicking the Courses tab.

However, if you’re using Skoove on an iPad or any other iOS device, you’ll need to download the Skoove app to get access to the course via your mobile device.

You can either learn your Skoove practical lessons using your computer keyboard or connect a music keyboard via a USB or MIDI cable.

In my experience, I found it easier to learn using a real keyboard, preferably one with 88 fully-weighted keys, than a computer keyboard. Get a keyboard for the best piano experience 

To use Skoove you will basically need the following:

  • A computer or smartphone/iPad.
  • If you plan to use Skoove in acoustic mode, you’ll need either an acoustic piano or a computer with microphone and speakers. Skoove supports all the latest iOS versions, Mac, and Windows. It doesn’t support Android devices at the moment. You can download the Skoove app on your iOS device. 
  • You will also need a reasonably fast Internet connection if you want to use Skoove to learn to piano online

Skoove Courses

Skoove has an impressive collection of more than 300 lessons divided into 19 courses.
The curriculum is constantly growing as more lessons are added over time. The courses are designed to address the needs of both beginners and advanced piano players.

The entire course is divided into the following sections: 

  • Piano Beginner 1, 2, and 3. Piano Beginner 1 introduces you to the piano, basic musical notations and rhythms, and posture. Piano Beginner 2 teaches you how to play with both hands together. The third part teaches you more about intervals. Once you complete this part you can confidently play popular tunes such as Softcell’s “Tainted Love.” 
  • Beginner Theory which is an optional but a highly recommended part of the course. You will learn about note reading, musical staff, and rhythm with a lot of practice exercises.
  • Piano Songs Beginner which has a massive library of 89 songs that can easily be learned at the beginner level including popular tunes songs from movie soundtracks such as “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.
  • Piano Intermediate 1, 2, and 3. In Piano Intermediate 1 you’re introduced to chords and key signatures while Piano Intermediate 2 teaches you about numbers, staff, time signatures, chords and inversions, and dynamics among other things. By the time you start Piano Intermediate 3, you will be prepared to play major and minor scales before you start learning about harmonizing a melody and other concepts such as transposition and diminished chords.
  • Piano Songs Intermediate which comes with a catalog of 73 songs to learn with.
  • Classic Piano which introduces students to famous classical pieces such as “Fiir Elise” by Beethoven.
  • Pop Piano which teaches students about basic chords, chord progression, and much more. You also learn how to improvise a solo such as Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” on a minor pentatonic scale.
  • Piano Songs Advanced, which has19 songs to learn with including “Autumn Leaves” and popular hits such as Adele’s “Rollin’ in the Deep.”
  • Blues and Boogie Woogie Piano. This is a fun part of the course where students are introduced to piano licks as well as blues and boogie-woogie genre of music.
  • Chords and Scales. Skoove doesn’t just teach you about chords and scales but actually does so in the context of real songs. The course shows you how to create triads and chord riffs among other things.
  • Keyboard for Producers. This is a unique part of the Skoove course that you won’t find in most online piano teaching methods. It mainly focuses on teaching students how to produce tracks. 

Skoove is a great course recommended for students aged 12 years and above. Young learners can also play and have great fun with the course but will need an adult to guide them. 

How Much Does It Cost?

And now to the question you’ve probably been waiting to ask. How much does Skoove cost? Well, Skoove has two tiers in its pricing structure - Skoove Basic and Skoove Premium.

Skoove Basic gives you free access to selected lessons. You can use it to try the course before you subscribe to the premium version. All you need to get the free basic course is to simply sign up for the course.

The premium version gives you full access to the entire course. You even have access to new lessons, which are added to the course every month and personal support from expert piano instructors.

The premium version of the course is available in a subscription with the following standard plans:
1-month plan at $19.99 paid every month
3-month plan at $13.33 per month or $39.99 charged every three months
12-month plan at $9.99 or $119.99 paid every 12 months.

Pros and Cons


  • The course provides a wide selection of modern songs that students of every skill level can use to learn playing piano
  • The software has a nice, clean, visually attractive appearance and the sheet music stays put without scrolling on the screen as you practice your piano lessons. The Skoove piano learning online app is also easy to use and navigate.
  • Unlike YouTube lessons, Skoove’s songs are paired with appropriate music concepts to help you understand how the music works.
  • Skoove’s Listen, Learn, and Play concept gives you a perfect combination of visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning experience.
  • Skoove is reasonably priced and even offers a free basic version to test the software and get everything right before you purchase the premium version.
  • You can use Skoove with either an acoustic piano or a digital piano. Keep in mind that many online courses require a keyboard or digital piano.
  • Skoove teaches you how to read music and associate notes on the piano with notes on the staff.
  • You learn at your own speed and can even repeat lessons as many times as you wish until you’re ready to progress to the next lesson.
  • It’s available in six languages, which makes it accessible to non-English countries as well. 


  • Skoove’s interface displays one line of the sheet music at a time. It would have been better if they showed the complete music sheet at once. There’s no option to print the entire sheet music. 
  • You cannot adjust the lesson interface to suit your personal style like you would in other online piano learning programs such as Playground Sessions. 


We have checked and tried most of the features and lessons offered in Skoove and in this review I definitely recommend it as one of the most practical and easiest ways of getting started with the piano.

One of the great things about this web-based piano course is that its lessons incorporate all the fundamental music skills and concepts a beginner needs to get started on playing notes, reading music, and applying his or her skills to other forms of music. It’s a practical way to learn piano right from beginner to the advanced level.

Skoove has an attractive interface with tons of smart features. It’s an interactive and engaging way for those who want to learn piano right, especially since it gives you instant feedback about your performance.

The lessons are well organized to ensure that you progress smoothly from beginner to advanced levels if you’re interested in learning piano online.

It’s a great crash course that helps you get started quickly and easily on how to read music and play the piano. If you want to learn online piano, learn with Skoove. It teaches both music theory and practical piano lessons.

It takes you from complete beginner to a competent piano player in a short time with instant feedback at every stage.

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